• The Drawbacks of a Private Trucking Fleet

    23 Jun 2020

    Many businesses view ownership and management of a private trucking fleet as an indicator of success. Perhaps you even see companies delivering goods with their in-house transportation system as a

  • Client or Customer?

    19 Jun 2020

    ...our CLIENT is as secure and happy as grandma’s porch with a plate of cookies and a glass of cold milk.

  • The Opportunity for Cost Savings with Dedicated Transportation Solutions

    08 Jun 2020

    Customers and sales people unintentionally conspire against operations and efficiency at times. The hypothetical Scott talks about here recently came up again in real life. The customer HAD to get

  • A Dedicated Contract Carriage Solution

    12 May 2020

    A wise man once said “Amateurs think about strategy. Professionals think about logistics.” When starting a new business, everyone is by definition an amateur at that particular organization.  Most businesses

  • Working from Home: Best Practices

    09 Apr 2020

    Working from home comes with distinct benefits, but also pitfalls. Find out the best practices for remote workers to adopt, and ones to avoid.

  • What is in a Name?

    26 Feb 2020

    Names have meanings and associated reputations, both good and bad. First names tell about the individual. Middle names usually makes reference to some other important person or family name.  Last names tell

  • Design and Optimization Methodology

    01 Feb 2020

    Moving perishable products such as bread, ice, or newspaper, is very different than recyclables, lumber, or liquid. Therefore, the transportation solutions will be varied to meet the individual customer’s product

  • Pricing: A True Win-Win-Win

    20 Jan 2020

    Our price is mostly determined by your costs. We will assume your equipment leases, driver and management, bridge vacations and any benefit differences, and all the transportation related expenses of Insurance,