Trucking Consolidation | DTS The Private Fleet Alternative

Trucking Consolidation | DTS The Private Fleet Alternative

30 Jun 2020

When it comes to trucking consolidation, there are two approaches. The first thought is that of mega companies buying or merging much like that of Knight and Swift Transportation, now known as Knight-Swift Holdings. Or the Penske Logistics purchased Epes Transport System, growing its transportation fleet by 1000 tractors and more than 6000 trailers.

That is not the Dedicated Transportation Solutions approach to trucking consolidation. DTS works directly with manufacturers become more efficient and effective in their business. Specifically, the logistics side of moving raw materials and finished goods in a manner that allows them to be more competitive and profitable with delivery of their products.

DTS has made a significant investment into technology that will allow manufacturers and distributors to be focused on their business, while providing a one stop and one bill for their internal logistics. Drivers pay, trucking cost, insurance cost, the fuel bill and many other transportation cost all in one bill.

Simply stated, Dedicated Transportation Solutions is the innovator providing the solution that the transportation and logistic industry have been looking for in Consolidated Contract Carriage.

Consider becoming a client so we can focus on your customers with you. There is no cost to learn more. Contact DTS today to learn how we can help solve your transportation headache.