We take a consultative approach to each customer. Needs, spend, products, service requirements, and KPI's are all different, and so should the transportation solution be.

Moving perishable products such as bread, ice, or newspaper, is very different than recyclables, lumber, or liquid. Therefore the transportation solutions will be varied to meet the individual customer’s product and service requirements and goals. The first step in our process is information gathering to determine specific problems or areas of concern. We need to know what is being done currently, what is working and what is not.  We will meet individually with employees involved in the process from floor employees to the officer level. With this approach we are able to determine any problem areas affecting the various employees and identify any conflict areas. These conflicts could include finance wanting to reduce delivery expense while sales wants to increase delivery frequency, or production wanting to load trailers in the morning instead of at night thereby changing the delivery windows.

After determining goals, needs, and wants of all involved, our team works to develop a solution that best meets the overall goals of the company. From this process we develop alternate solutions that range from simple driver management, to routing and scheduling, to complete turnkey solutions involving warehousing, and all inbound and outbound transportation.  We present these to the stakeholders, validating operational assumptions and finally determine the optimal solution that meets all cost and service goals.

There are no two exactly alike. Our focus in transportation is to maximize the utilization of the truck, trailer, and driver while meeting all federal, state, and local laws. In doing this we are able to be more cost effective than most private fleets can operate in today's environment.

Focus On Core Competencies

DTS provides a complete turnkey operation and the customer receives one bill each week for the service.  Focus energy on growing and improving your core business. DTS eliminates the need to manage multiple cost centers and vendors, including equipment bills from leasing and maintenance companies, fuel purchases, driver leasing companies, Payroll companies, drug and Alcohol testing labs, Equipment insurance policies, benefits for associated drivers to mention a few.

Cost Savings And Revenue Generation
A reduction in overall costs can come in a number of ways - we leverage decades of experience fine detail management to get results. Dynamic route management, proper fleet sizing and utilization rates of trucks and drivers are the core drivers we use. DTS will provide on board computers with satellite tracking capabilities that provide the shortest route directions to the driver, and provide information about the truck and driver on speed, MPG, idle time, harsh braking and starting incidents and detention at stops. With this technology, we are able to monitor the truck and driver from our internet based tracking system providing literally minute-by-minute updates allowing DTS to reduce accident potential, improve MPG, reduce unnecessary miles, and through the use of our in-house brokerage generate revenue by filling the truck on the return trip home if you desire.
Regulatory Compliance Issues
Reduction in time spent and potential DOT fines and Audit exposure regarding regulatory compliance issues such as Department of Transportation, Driver Hours of Service, Drug and Alcohol testing including Chain of Custody, Log Audits, and maintaining company CSA scores.
Elimination Of Liability Exposure
Even though the truck and driver still have your company logo and uniform on them (if you wish), the equipment is no longer owned or leased by you. The driver no longer works for you. Transportation is likely the riskiest part of your business today, but should an accident of any kind happen, DTS is the liable party, not our client. The resulting elimination of insurance liability and workers compensation exposure stops enormous unpredictable and non-budgeted costs.
Human Resource Benefits

Elimination of driver recruiting, driver file maintenance, hiring, disciplinary issues, drug testing etc. Reduce a high cost workers compensation area of truck driver. No need to manage health and medical benefits, 401K programs and life insurance. All provided by DTS.

Improve Control Of Fleet Operations

You are not limited to only your 10 trucks and drivers. DTS can provide additional trucks and drivers to meet peak needs, daily, weekly, or for a peak season. You are not held hostage by your divers knowing you do not have an alternative , and have to staff with spare truck and driver just in case of a sickness. DTS will cross train other drivers to deliver your product so there will not be an issue if someone calls in sick. DTS will provide a replacement driver for vacations and unexpected illness allowing the customer to confidently commit to product deliveries. We have 24/7 dispatch office staffing monitoring that the drivers start on time to assure deliveries are made on time. If a driver does not leave on time, we know it before it becomes a problem and arrangements are made with other drivers to make the delivery. Most private fleets don’t know there is a problem until the customer calls and ask “where is my load?”

Management Reporting

Real time data is at our client’s fingertips via a customized dashboard of what is important you. On time delivery statistics, detention time, load frequency, load accuracy, number of deliveries, transit time - you tell us what you need, and we make sure you have it. 

Increased reporting and visibility of the fleet through the use of internet based, real-time satellite tracking technology interfaced with in-house data management programs means continuous improvement is measurable and achievable. 

The Board Has Met!

Our Founder and President Scott Stowers is still active in the business every day. Decisions are made quickly and effectively without the need to wait for others approval.

  • Not only will you have the same dedicated group of drivers assigned to your account full time, we have a pool of drivers cross trained for each account allowing for vacations, sickness, and replacements, as well as flex up capabilities for peak needs. No longer will you have to be concerned with the question "What will happen to my customers if a driver does not show up today?". We handle recruiting, hiring, discipline, and training, drug testing, and ,aintaining driver qualifications files, for both home and off site locations. This capability allows our customers to expand into other geographical areas without the high cost of procuring drivers, equipment and facilities.
  • All power equipment is under a Full Service Maintenance Lease from National Providers guaranteeing service or a substitute vehicle thereby minimizing down time and resulting service failures. This also allows DTS to have extra equipment, rentals, maintenance in over 800 locations throughout the United States.
  • We offer above average Pay and Benefits to recruit and retain Drivers including a company match 401K. In working for DTS a driver has flexibility and growth potential that he may not have at his current position as a private fleet driver. Also with DTS, if there is a slowdown in the private fleet loads, the driver can take other runs and keep his income steady, rather than lose the drivers because of the slowdown.
  • 100 percent of our power units are equipped with on board computers and satellite tracking updated every 60 seconds! Combined with our 24 hour dispatch, we are literally in constant contact with your truck, driver and load. Through the use of our systems, we are able to provide our customers over 99% on time service.
  • Information is passed systematically and electronically from the customer, to iiE, then pushed out to the truck and driver through the on board computer and satellite system. The information is then available on the mobile display terminal in the truck detailing load information, route, contact information and any particular details related to the specific delivery.
  • As the driver completes his route, satellite technology captures and sends data minute by minute from the engine, GPS location and driver, with speeds, time stamps, route traveled, fuel consumption, idle times, hard starts/stops and delivery information. Hard documentation such as Proof of delivery and Bills of lading are imaged into the system on the first fueling after the delivery allowing DTS customers to more quickly complete their order and bill their customer improving cash flow.
  • This information is stored on DTS servers where real time alerts are sent if exceptions occur to instantly correct behavior before it becomes a costly problem. Customers can also get images of documents for their accounting and billing purposes. This information is also utilized by our accounting software, (Great Plains), to develop any number of customer cost metrics that are important.Management reports can be manually run, or set to run automatically on literally thousands of preset reports or customized for specific items.