Because you never planned on being in the trucking business…

The mission of Dedicated
Transportation Solutions

mission Statement

The mission of Dedicated Transportation Solutions is to profitably provide the most efficient and effective transportation alternative for our customers, while meeting all federal, state, and local laws.

DTS is a business who has grown through strong relationships with our customers, employees and vendors. We believe that if we are more profitable by retaining our accounts, and growing through referrals and word of mouth, rather than hiring a large sales staff, with 50% customer turnover each year the salesman over promised and under delivered to get the deal.

Take Away Your
Transportation Headaches!!

  • Driver

    Advertising, Hiring , Training and Termination, MVR’s, Drug Screening, Driver Abuse.

  • Compliance

    Hours of Service, Log Auditing, EPA, DOT Audit Exposure.

  • Equipment

    Procurement, Specifications and Maintenance, Over the Road Breakdowns, Washing, Emissions Compliance, Fuel.

  • Insurance

    Procurement of Cargo, Liability, Physical Damage.

  • Visibility &

    On-board computers providing real time GPS tracking along with detailed reporting capabilities.

DTS is the solution