A Dedicated Contract Carriage Solution

A Dedicated Contract Carriage Solution

12 May 2020

A wise man once said “Amateurs think about strategy. Professionals think about logistics.” When starting a new business, everyone is by definition an amateur at that particular organization.  Most businesses start with identifying a high-potential product. Then they lock down a manufacturer (or become the manufacturer). Next you develop a brand and secure your online web presence.

The typical next step is where many businesses can miss the mark. This is one of the most critical steps regarding both profitability and sustainability. Unfortunately, this next step is also one on which many business owners are not experts.

What is the vital next step in starting and running a business? In one word—logistics.

Determining the logistics for shipping and fulfillment demands some of the most critical decision-making for any business. Many businesses, however, look at only two solutions—build the logistics in-house or outsource them entirely. Fortunately, companies like Dedicated Transportation Solutions offer a third way and this alternative comes with many benefits that neither of the other two can offer.

A Dedicated Contract Carriage Solution Brings Many Benefits

You might not be familiar with the option of a dedicated contract carriage provider, or you may only be familiar with what the “big three” players have to offer. This customized bundle of transportation management services is used for the delivery of raw materials and components inbound to manufacturers, as well as finished goods outbound to the customer.

A dedicated contract carriage (DCC) solution adds value by optimizing the flows of freight for businesses along with exceeding service goals for the customer. As a full turnkey option, a DCC decreases cost and risk while increasing customer service, control, and connectivity with clients.

A DCC provider gives you peace of mind by serving all your transportation needs at a single known cost and time frame verses dealing with the many variables that can accompany a private fleet or fully outsourcing logistics. Rather than doling out checks to multiple vendors, a DCC means you pay a single partner. There are no surprises and all the moving parts are managed for you by professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe logistics.

A Dedicated Contract Carriage Solution Delivers Private Fleet-Like Results

The best part is that your customers and end-users will get the same experience a private fleet would deliver. An experienced and proven DCC provider like Dedicated Transportation Services can customize every piece to match your business. This means your logo on both trucks and drivers’ uniforms, as well as consistency in driver relationships with your customers. Your clients get the “bend over backwards” service you would provide without the headaches and uncertainty of running a trucking business along with your primary one.

Why outsource your transportation and shipping needs to a company that sees you only as a number on a spreadsheet? Why waste your valuable resources being a trucking business when you could be devoting them to your core competencies instead? Call Dedicated Transportation Services at 864-486-1962 or use the online contact form to see how a DCC can save your business money and increase customer satisfaction today.