What is in a Name?

What is in a Name?

26 Feb 2020

Names have meanings and associated reputations, both good and bad. First names tell about the individual. Middle names usually makes reference to some other important person or family name.  Last names tell us of the family history and lineage. The entire name combines to reveal reputation, history and purpose. For these reasons we carefully choose our name, Dedicated Transportation Solutions.

Dedicated Transportation Solutions succinctly speaks of our purpose. Organic growth over the last 15 years with large and small accounts speaks to our reputation and history. We were flattered, but not interested when one of the largest companies in the transportation industry called and offered to purchase the name. We even received an enhanced offer allowing us to “share” Dedicated Transportation Solutions name, we again said no.

We told that there were many advantages to this offer, and sharing the name would open many other opportunities for “OUR” DTS. We responded, “One cannot just change their name and gain reputation of the other”. Core values, beliefs, skills and abilities have to be shared and practiced as well. Being aware of high customer turnover, we had further concerns that sharing Dedicated Transportation Solutions name could also tarnish our reputation in the dedicated contract carriage industry and have the opposite effect they suggested. After seeing that we would not change our minds, they produced new advertisements, videos and publications of BIG CO. X’s: Dedicated Transportation Solutions. This confirmed our core values did not align! It also was the beginning of the use of our name, “Dedicated Transportation Solutions” to refer to Dedicated Contract Carriage agreements.

We are the real Dedicated Transportation Solutions! We are not a sideline of a large rental and leasing company. We are not a “me too” product line of a trucking company or 3PL.

Dedicated Transportation Solutions, OUR name, OUR reputation and OUR history!