Pricing: A True Win-Win-Win

Pricing: A True Win-Win-Win

20 Jan 2020

Our price is mostly determined by your costs. We will assume your equipment leases, driver and management, bridge vacations and any benefit differences, and all the transportation related expenses of Insurance, damages, cargo claims,  maintenance and repairs, phones, ELD systems, really ALL the transportation expenses, and give you a price about the same as your current cost.

“How can you do that, you have to make money?” Right, we do! We can keep your cost the same AND make money for most private fleets because we are typically better transportation operators with lower cost than manufacturers. With lower insurance, and equipment rates, and our expertise in limiting excess and out of route miles, increasing truck and driver utilization, lowering fuel CPG, raising MPG, generating back haul revenue we are able to carve out our margin.

You win by transferring the liability and all transportation related headaches while keeping your cost flat, your customer wins from better service due to our expert transportation capabilities, and we win by providing the service and making a fair margin.