Mattress Manufacturer and Distributor


DTS’s relationship with the sleep industry has had operations in TX, GA, SC and NC. The primary service provided is Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC) along with other standard trucking solutions. Orders are electronicly accepted and transfered to DTS routing and scheduling where after developing the most efficient routes the "loads" are sent to production to be built in order for a full and efficient route. 

  • Provide local management
  • Provide on-site and local management for the Distribution center.
  • Provide Drivers, Tractors and straight trucks as a part of the DCC operation
  • Coordination of all delivery routes with our in-house routing and scheduling system.
  • Coordinate pick-up of vendor material on the DCC fleet.
  • As a part of the routing process schedule delivery appointments as needed.
  • Coordinate maintenance needs for customer provided trailers.
  • Provide detailed weekly reports of all DCC activity.
  • Provide extra tractors and drivers for seasonal needs.
  • The unique product characteristics require the drivers to be an integral part of the unloading process.
  • Technology Solutions
  • The combination of routing software, on-board computers and our management reportting system allows us to maximize the drivers productivity and provide accurate data for report generation.
  • Increased service levels to customers
  • Reduced exposure related to accident liability, workers comp. and cargo damage.
  • Elimination of DOT audit exposure and CSA compliance,
  • Management of drivers and equipment has increased MPG and reduced fuel cost.
  • Decreased shipping costs.
  • Reduced inbound freight cost.
  • Revenue generation through third party backhauls.